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Forex Chart Analysis

Analyzing the chart may be part of the first confusing in forex beginners, including me at the start in business. I prefer to call this forex as a business. So, I respond and do it like a business.

Many ways in which traders analyze the charts for both fundamental and technical analysis in which it is later used to conduct transactions with the open position Buy or Sell or may refrain from doing deals first. Waiting for the moment or is the term usually temen-temen ....

Where or how to analysis technique is best? I prefer to say that all the techniques or in any way in the chart that is used to analyze each trader and able to make it produce a correct decision is the best way.

What way I use? I use pure technical analysis ... means I only use mathematical and statistical analysis to analyze price movements.

Well .. to analyze the results of this analysis so that we can later use to make decisions in a transaction that we do, what should we make of our analysis? Just really simple, there are only two data we need to get from the analysis we do. Anything? First, we have a prediction where the price will move (up or down, up or down, up or down) and Second, we have a prediction to which this price will move.

Prediction? Yup ... all the results only predictions because somehow we need to realize that no one knows where prices will move and to which the price will move. But the results of our analysis of these predictions are not generated randomly .. There basically. What bottom? well mathematical and statistical calculations or based on fundamental analysis using this technique. So in sum prediction that we will do as well as the experts in Meteorology estimate when the rainy season or summer comes with using the temperature data, atmospheric pressure, wind direction and so on. Only in forex because we will use technical analysis, we will use price data that have been formed to analyze and predict the next price movement.

Past data Lha's not anything to do with the future? (This may be common questions). I disagree, because I believe in the past, present and future are interconnected. For example, how we are today is the result of the past. How do we walk, how we speak, behave and even our ahlak is the result of our past. So if we want to know how we are today and where we later .. heaven or hell .. we can analyze it by looking at past and current conditions .... so about the analogy.

Where the price trend will move? or where it nih trend? Maybe it's a question we often ask ourselves when I first saw the chart. The term of this trend is often a debate traders, especially defenisinya. Well, we're not going to argue about the trend here ... uniform understanding so let me start this thread now in the "trend" we defenisikan as the price trend based on units of time .. why? because we will see time as one basis of our analysis later. clear kok .. hehehe wong on the chart there are two data cuman "price" and "time" doang ....

So how do we determine the trend? Many do ... The easiest way is when we see a chart .. let's see the value "price" on the far left of the candle of our charts and see the value "price" on the last candle on our chart. Compare the value, if the value "price" on the left is less than the value "price" of his final ride the trend .. and its down trend if otherwise .. easy right? hehehehehehehe.. But we do not use this way is .... hi .. hi .. hi ... hi. We'll see the trend mathematically ...

Well, we'll see the trend by using data available on the chart that we use. What are the data that's available on our chart? Existing data on the course we chart containing only the price data and time. For example in Time Frame H1, note that there is one candle in this H1 TF. Each candle describes the price movement range for an hour, and wrote the price movement during this hour only four values represented by the price value High, Low, Open and Close (HLOC). High value where value represents the highest price, low values represent the lowest value, the value of the initial value representing the Open, Close values represent the final value in the range of one hour. Well, if we look at other TF HLOC values in each of these candles is the price value that occurs within the period in accordance with which the TF candle is located.

What we can see from here? Grouping of data .. yup bener banget. So the price data in the form of candle that we see in every TF chart that we open is the picture price data are grouped in a certain time, and each group of data by this time represented only by 4 (four) price values that occur during a specific time frame. Well, from here clear that TF describes the data. So if the TF W1 means each candle representing a range of price movement for a week, where the price movement this week in the TF W1 were represented by four of his HLOC value alone. Understanding of the TF and the data on each of his candle was useful when we choose how we analyze TF chart later. Lack of unfamiliarity about this, too often we can either analyze lho ... So with very compelled me to translate it in here ... (sorry to the master if you have read these basic things ...)

Then how can we see the direction of price movements that have been and are going to use the data on each candle is this? Then the price of four values (HLOC) found on each candle, value price which should we use to analyze?

We started to go a bit in here ... we start from the second question first. Value price which will be used in the analysis? My answer is everything. Four price values contained in each candle is the same important values. Why? because the four values in each candle HLOC depicts or represents the price values that occur within a certain time frame. Logically this, let's look at a candle in the TF MN (Monthly) ..

Now from this candle just try to take one example from his HLOC value. Tell us take his score just Close. Let our simple example demonstrated the value of candles Close price USD-JPY in November 2007 was 111.10.

What can we read from the value of this Close it?
Whether we can obtain more information than just the value of this Close?
What is clear we only know that the price value at the end of the month in November 2007 with a value close to USD 111.10 price-JPY. That's it! Now try if from a candle that we also see the value of High, Low and Open it also, so that information can we catch or read from a candle that will be different is not it? More information can we describe the data rather than 4 data 1.

Well go from here develops the use of data on this candle for analysis .. so we know there is data Median ((H + L) / 2), Typical ((H + L + C) / 3), Weighted ((H + L + C + C) / 4) and others. But many traders who only use one candle for the data in the analysis, whether this be? legitimate because the electoral data in every candle that we shall use the mathematical and statistical analysis that uses preogratif rights and users also will have their reasons why he uses the data in the analysis.

Back to the first and second questions above, we will analyze the data, using the moving average by taking the weighted data on each candle to see the price movement within a certain time frame. Well, lucky plaform current trading is mostly already provide this facility be ready indicator known as the Moving Average (MA). In analyzing my data more often use the MetaTrader platform because it looks interesting and easy to use.

What is Moving Average? wuih ... dijabarin reply will be meticulous with the formula ni thread, but for details temen-temen can read and read about the formula and details about this MA in such sites or or asked to mbah Google aja .. hehehehehe ... But a clear brief to calculate the value of MA is the moving average of a number of specific data. Method calculates the average value of this move was a variety of ways and its formula we know there sehinggak Simple Moving Average method, exponential Moving Average, Linear Weighted Moving Average, etc.. Well let me not dizzy ... then we only use the method Simple Moving Average (SMA) and the data from each candle we will use the data type is Weighted (HLCC / 4).

Why do we use the method to see the school moving average of price movements will we observe? The main reason we use it is the simplicity of the formula high school itself, because eventually this will help us a lot in understanding the characteristics of the movement formed by this formula. SMA calculate the average value of a needle in a general way, for example, say we have a value of 6, 8, 9, 4 and 3 high value is (6 +8 +9 +4 +3) / 5 = 6 where the value of divisor 5 is the amount or the amount of data that calculated average. Simple right?

Well, how high school picture on the chart that we'll actually just the same as in examples .. Tell us use the high school with his applied Weighted price (HLCC / 4) and period 9. This means that high school formula will automatically calculate the average value HLCC / 4 of the 9 fruit of the last candle. So every time a new candle is formed school will calculate the average value and the platform that we use everything is displayed as a line .... (hehehehe ... i love technology because it had to be in the count and the manual image)

So let me understand better, let us look at the picture below ...

Well ... now I'm trying to reduce this chart picture ...
about the same no cursory analysis of our results by looking at the first chart again?

Interesting is not it? Imagine, just down the chart view, we can obtain different information ... What does this mean? means that the broad range we see or look at something will produce a different perception on our heads .. why? of course, because the more widely we see something, the more information we will get. And the amount of information that we have here then that will make our understanding more clearly.

Well .. back to the discussion. Consider the chart of GBP / USD Time Frame (TF) on the H1 ... What information can we catch from this chart?
What has happened to the movement of this GU? Where direction?
What is happening with the current movement? Hell ya what are you doing GU?

As a trader, the first thing we should do before doing the analysis is to make a number of questions whose answers we need to make a decision based. of course-related questions of our activities well ... namely trading. Where the question is will we ask? To chart ... the graphics on the screen monitor or laptop pc us ... not to anyone .. in the chart in front of us was all the answer we want to ask then is the answer .. hehehe

Well ... musing on this and previous writing .. Try to arrange your answer some questions or information we'll need to make an analysis. Tulis sebanyak mungkin.... [I hope you'll do it right now ... and write in your notebook .. then later we see at the end of this discussion is all the information we need is the answer or not ...]

After looking at the chart ... what can we catch the movement of candles on the chart formed by the GBP / USD it?
Observe that the movement is only set up three basic patterns of the pattern of UP, DOWN (Up and Down) and such or FLAT lah .. hehehe ... everyone also knows well? But surprisingly many are forgetting the three movement patterns of this ... kok bisa yah? Talk about this movement pattern ... trader who breaks it down too much more than three patterns ... but in this thread we will only see and share price movement patterns with these three basic patterns. UP, DOWN FLAT adan ... These three alone.

The question is how do we know the prices now are Up, Down or Flat? Try not observed when we look at the chart above and make conclusions up, down or flat is because we compare the price value that we observe with the previous price values ... nah it is here that causes many traders look different perceptions about trends .. someone said that up .. and some say down at the same time ... not really anything wrong .. because the conclusions it up or down depending on how the trend is seen ... Examples like this ... Consider the picture below (still chart GBP / USD which was )....

How do we know the current trends in the point C?
If we observe this point C from point B then we will call this trend is down ... but if we watched from point A then we say that the trend is still up ... So we can see that the point of reference with which we can produce different conclusions ....

This reference point is very important ... picture of the above is simply describe the difference that the information we get just by looking at an observation point from a different place. Titiknya same but different observations where the outcome was different ... Now, back to this chart .. points A and B is the observation that we do that distinguished the time .... So when we look at point C from point B, we actually observe the price at point C and compare them with prices in the B form. Because in our chart there are only two parameters is Price and time we actually observed price changes based on changes in time ....

Point of reference we will use later in this analysis is the time ... And this means that we must menstandardkannya .. well obviously dong, whose name should be the standard reference point and does not change, kalo enggak also different observations dong ... hehehehehehe and Standard means must be generally accepted and have a logical reason ... not vain ... (mathematical banget ... yah?). In short time we will share this general reference from the annual, monthly, weekly, daily and 8 hours. The timing of this reference will be used later in the use of indicators-indicators that we use in analyzing.

Now back to the chart of GBP / USD today ...
We've talked in the beginning of the Simple Moving Average .. well let's take advantage of this high school indicator to see the average price GBP / USD for 1 day back. 1 day, then we use a reference point for observing one-day price changes ... Time Frame ever because we are the H1 chart to see the high value of 1 day then we will calculate the average of the 24 candles on H1 TF. If you are using Metatrader, open the Moving Average indicators and sets of period 24, MA Methode Price Apply simple and weighted closed (HLCC / 4) ... the chart GBP / USD will look like the image below:

Before we proceed, I want to discuss a bit about the time this reference. As I've mentioned before the time of reference we will use is an annual, monthly, weekly, daily and 8 hour's. Why do we use this time as a reference, in fact logical reason ... this, is the world's Forex trading is driven by humans as the main perpetrators. And as we know the business or trade to work with time constraints as a reference ... hence we often hear there are annual reports, monthly, weekly and daily. This means that the reference time we will use the time we adjust the reference business world ... let line ... that's the reason deh .. let me clear hehehehehe ...

Back to chart GBP / USD which we add the high school period of 24 to view the price movements during the last 24 hours (1 day of his last per hour). What can we see here? Consider the movement of SMA from point 1 to 2, seen here 24 high school rose sharply. So we can say that the daily trend in point 1 to point 2 is up trend. And from point 2 to 3 shows that high schools tend to be 24 that forms a flat, so at this point we can say that the trend of point 2 to 3 is Flat. Then from point 3 to point 4 of his high school trend back 24 UP. From point 4 to point 5 of his high school fall 24 trends. From point 5 to point 6 of his high school 24 the trend back up, and from 6 points to close yesterday juma't his high school fall 24 trends.

For more details, see the picture below ....

Well .. from high school we have 24 plots on the chart of GBP / USD H1, so far we got information about the daily movements occurred on GBP / USD. Is this information enough? hehehehehehe .. As I've mentioned in a previous post also we can not only use the information we get from one point of reference. We need some reference point to see and get information that very clear ...

For that we will use some reference point which we have already set and agreed upon before .. Now, in addition to daily reference point, we will also see the movement of GBP / USD from the point of reference Weekly and Monthly. Because we use the high school, then to see the weekly movement of the GBP / USD we will use the high school with 120 in the TF period H1. Why 120? Because one day equals 24 hours, and one week is five days a week is equal to 120 hours. Well, because we use the TF is H1 then the period we use is 120.

Then to describe the monthly movement of the GBP / USD how many high school period we will use the TF H1? hehehehehehe ... certainly lived 120 hours in 4 times a week, so the same with 480. So to see the movement of monthly GBP / USD at TF H1, we will use the high school with 480 periods. For more details, see the picture below. Weekly movement represented by the 120 SMA line SlateBlue color, and the monthly movement represented by the 480 SMA line is yellow.

Try to observe the movement of this Weekly and Monthly .... information what else can we get?

Weekly price of GBP / USD at TF H1 we can see that from point A to point B movement of his weekly trend up. Then from point B to point C weekly price moves down, and since the point C to yesterday's closing price Friday movements per week GBP / USD trend was rising. Then if we observe the movement of monthly (yellow school lines) we can see that the movement of monthly GBP / USD tends to Flat.
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How to change the U.S. $ 100 to earnings without limit (up to USD 1000/mth)

Let us discuss how to change the strategy of U.S. $ investment for you to be a source of income without your limits

First, you need is the right trading system, trading system is a formula that will guide your decision ENTRY or EXIT in the forex market so that in each trading you have a greater profit opportunities than the loss.

You must know how to increase the odds of victory rather than defeat, so the value of money in your account can continue to grow. if you do not have a good trading system then we recommend that you immediately we have them ready to give a recommendation for it. What you need in this case is a trading system that would allow up to 85% victory that was more than enough to double your money in the forex market in a short time.

Second you need good trading management to set the profit you have gained such a way that subsequent profit can mendatangakn greater income again.

Now I assume you have a good trading system and the question how to manage your money (trading management) so that increasing the amount of time in a safe and effective.

Management principles in your trading account number here is set in trading margins based on how much capital your account. When you make your trading can only memperdagangangkan some smaller margin than the recommended if you wants it. But no more!!

Now you have an account with a deposit the contents of the $ 100.Trade consistantly and make profit slowly....
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best ways to create Mega Income in a very short time

Did you know that trading in the forex market is one of the best ways to create Mega Income in a very short time? do you know that today anyone you wherever you are you can draw good fortune to participate in the forex market? or maybe not even know?

With the development of rapidly growing information technology you can online forex trading no matter where you are. But if you feel your money is not enough time to play forex, please continue reading tips from our Financial Revolution.

We'll show you how to double your money in the forex market online with a very capital is relatively small. No matter how your money right now, that's enough to start trading in the forex market .. in this strategy you only need at least U.S. $ 100 to start and in accompanied with a little patience for 100 days to conduct training so that the money you now can multiply a hundred times.

This may sound too much. It does not matter even if it still take some time to keep reading, you will find all of our explanation here is very logical and reasonable. What matters is you or anyone who seriously wants to try it will get a very surprising result.

You may have heard, it takes money to money? Yup it's true, and even more true the more money you have then there will be more money you make but do not khwatir soon you'll find smart ways to make money with a capital abundant small dimuali is U.S. $ 100 only.

Why are U.S. $ 100? Actually you can start with a nominal more if you have U.S. $ 200, U.S. $ 500 or more then you can skip a few steps more quickly, you do not need too long to be patient because the value of it can be more rapidly accumulated into indigo much larger again.

By using this system, we assume you start trading in the forex market with a capital of U.S. $ 100, but again if you have more money then you can skip a few steps without having to start from scratch.
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What you need to know about trading in forex market

The Beauty of trading in the forex market is that you can trade with 1:100 leverage means to trade U.S. $ 100. means to trade U.S. $ 100 of capital you need hanyala 1 / 100 of his course or U.S. $ 1 nominal U.S. $ 1 was the one who called margin. Margin is what you use to trade currency worth 100 USD or known quantity
You may ask how can the U.S. $ 1 can be used to buy a quantity of U.S. $ 100.

Can actually say marketiva who took the money of U.S. $ 100 is for you, so you only need to spend money (Deposite accounts) to bear the losses and gains from transactions of U.S. $ 100's, so U.S. $ 1 it as collateral to trade with a value of U.S. $ 100.

If you want to trade currency worth U.S. $ 10,000 (eg USD) you should not need as much money as U.S. $ 10,000 to leverage 1; 100 you just need the money of U.S. $ 100 to trade currency worth U.S. $ 10,000

When the currency pair (trading one currency against another currency) moves up or down, then you will generate profit or loss for each of these movements. unit's movement called the pips, one pip is equal to U.S. $ 0.01 but the quantity that you are trading worth U.S. $ 10,000 (with a capital of U.S. $ 100) then beerti equal to 1 pip profit of U.S. $ 1

If you already have the funds (which has been growing) of U.S. $ 1,000 in your trading account then you can trade with a larger quantity again is U.S. $ 100,000. Value per pip 10 times greater than before the U.S. $ 10 per pips and so on ..

As you can see, you can make money faster and more in line with the growth of capital and here you will learn how to achieve it only with a capital of U.S. $ 100 in the beginning.
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Fundamental Analysis & Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis is a fundamental analysis with attention to the factors that affect economy of a country. Prediction of emphasis to the movement of prices and market trends to find out the economic indicators, government policy, and other factors that affect a country's economic resilience.
Main indicators to know the views of economic fundamentals of a country:
  1. Gross National Product (GNP) = Gross National Income (GNI) is the total number of goods and services produced by residents of the country, both based in country and abroad.
  2. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) = Gross Domestic Income (GDP) is the total number of goods and services produced by a country, either by the company in the country and foreign companies operating in the country.
  3. Inflation = Inflation is peningkatantingkat prices in general in an economy caused by (a) the excess demand or (b) the increased cost of input factors.
  4. Balance of Payment (BOP) = International Balance of Payment is a record of all international economic transactions that includes trade, financial and monetary between population of a country with other countries for a period.
  5. Interest Rate = Interest Level nominally a country that rose higher than the state lain akan make capitalist / speculator interested to invest their funds in the eye currency countries.

In addition to indicators on the top, there are many economic indicators that affect the price movement of currencies in the forex market, for example: Employment Cost Index, New Home Sales, Personal Income and Personal Consumption, Producer Price Index, Unemployment Rate, dll. How to control the influence of changes in indicators at the top of the movement prices in the money market, you have learned in various books on the economy or any sites that discuss the problem.
In addition to indicators on the top, there are many economic indicators that affect the price movement of currencies in the forex market, for example: Employment Cost Index, New Home Sales, Personal Income and Personal Consumption, Producer Price Index, Unemployment Rate, dll. How to control the influence of changes in indicators at the top of the movement prices in the money market, you have learned in various books on the economy or any sites that discuss the problem.

Technical Analysis Analysis of technical analysis is used to predict the price trend akan datang using graphs and the mathematical calculation. Assumption of technical analysis holds that:
  1. price that the market is a reflection of all factors in the market.
  2. Behavior of the investors in the past that happened repeatedly in can be used as reference to predict trends in incidence in the future.
  3. Not only the price movement may occur randomly and can not be predicted because movement of prices following the trend.
  4. Prices will move in a direction (trend) and will continue for some time before the turn direction.
The types of charts used for technical analysis:

1st Bar Chart, the chart in the vertical beam that the highest price (the highest price) and the lowest price (the lowest price). Between the highest price and the price the lowest, there are the establishment of the price (opening price) that is located on the left side and the price closing (closing price) that is located on the right.

2. Candlestick Chart, (similar to a bar chart) chart-shaped beam is perpendicular display of price, closing price, highest price and lowest price. Chandlestick charts more emphasis on the relationship between the price of the price closure. Pattern made by using Candlestick Charts:
  • Bullish patterns, occur when prices are near the opening price and the lowest price closure is located near the highest price. Beam color = green / white
  • Bearish patterns, occur when the opening price was near the highest price and the price closure is located near the lowest price. Beam color = red / black
3rd Point and Figure Chart, a graph formed by a combination of "X" and "O" that describes the increase (increase) and poenurunan (decline) rates. "X" indicates the purchase of (the increase price) because demand exceeds supply and the "O" shows the sales (a decrease price) because demand exceeds supply.

While quantitative models are widely used for technical analysis is:
  1. Moving Average (MA)
  2. Bollinger Bands
  3. Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  4. Stochastic
About this, you can learn through books about forex trading site or through - site that provides this information.
At the bottom of this site, you can find books and site address that decompose more about it.
Get more source of information and your knowledge!
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Understanding Foreign Exchange (forex)

Understanding Foreign Exchange (forex) or the Forex (foreign Exchange)

Foreign exchange is also called normal or with other words such as foreign exchange, foreign exchange, forex or also FX is the currency in a country spend by overseas as a means of payment valid in the country
Other than money used as legal means of payment, also developed into a commodity can be traded. Own foreign exchange market experienced a rapid growth in the early decade of 70's. As for the cause foreign exchange market grew rapidly among others is:
  1. Foreign exchange rate movements in the movement so that a significant interest to some circles to a splash in the foreign exchange market.
  2. Business of the mengglobal. Sengitnya competition with the business to make companies must find new sources of power that is cheaper, and spread around the world giving rise to demand for the currency of a particular country.
  3. The development of telecommunications as a means of quickly with the phone, Telex, fax, Internet, has provided convenience to the market actors to communicate so that transactions more easily done.
  4. Benefits that accrue in the foreign exchange market that tends to increase the willingness of various parties try to get the gain (profit) from foreign currency exchange rate movements.
FOREX (Foreign Exchange) or better known as the forex (Foreign Exchange) is a type of trade / trade transactions of a country's currency against currency other countries that involve the markets the world's major money for 24 hours in the ongoing.

Forex market rotary movement from the market Australia & New Zealand is in progress pukul 05.00-14.00 WIB, continue to market, namely Japan & Asia Singapore is in progress at 07.00-16.00 WIB, to European markets, namely Germany & the UK that took place at 13.00 - 22.00, to the American market that takes place at 20.30-03.30 WIB. Deep development of the history, central banks belonging to countries with reserves of foreign currency even the biggest can be defeated by the strength of the market forex (foreign exchange) are free.

Foreign exchange rate movements that change from second to second is influenced by the law supply (offer) and demand (demand) that always involve a variety of market have different interests. The market are:

1st Central Bank. A country's central bank (Bank Indonesia, such as in Indonesia) concerned of the forex market with the goal to stabilize the position of exchange countries is known as the intervention activities.

2nd Company. To improve the competitiveness and the cost of production companies are always make the exploration of various resources - resources that new and more cheap. Bisanya we call this activity with the import. And the company also akan always conduct exploration activities to expand market distribution of goods and services that have been in production by the company that will ultimately arise income in other currencies. Usually we call this activity with the export. Due to the activities this is the import and export companies sometimes need a currency with a number of other countries large enough.

3rd Society or individual. Society or individual can conduct a transaction currency in foreign sebabkan by several factors. The first factor is the search for the source additional earnings, by utilizing the fluctuation of foreign exchange rate movements for gain. The second is the need for consumption at the time outside country. Examples are a family who have to travel abroad only a American countries. At the time they will perform the activities of consumption in the United States, they can not pay the dollar because the currency is valid in the United States dollar United States, so they would not want to exchange the money must first be United States dollars. Other example is a father who will finance the school in Australia then the father should be to exchange the money in the form of Australian Dollars to first.

4th General Bank. Bank general sale and purchase transactions to foreign exchange for various purposes between serve other customers who want to exchange money into other forms of currency, or to meet its obligations in the form of foreign exchange.

5th Broker / Dealer. Broker is a company which is the mediator of a currency transaction foreign. They help us to find buyer or seller.

6th Government. Government make foreign exchange transactions for various purposes, among others, pay foreign debts, receiving income from abroad that need to be change again into local currency.

Benefits play forex (forex trading) other than the business:
  1. There is always the buyer or seller so that we can get a profit through the two transactions direction (buy or sell).
  2. Market is open for 24 hours non-stop from Monday to Saturday.
  3. Capital is small, but they can deal in a large amount.
  4. Liquiditas a high level, you can take the money / profit you at any time.
  5. with advances in technology, you can become a professional trader without alias office work at home via the internet.
  6. Profit in currency Dollar.
  7. Can be run by anyone regardless of age, sex, etc..
What currency is sold only? All currencies of the world that has a high selling power. Example: EUR / USD: Euro against U.S. DOLLAR
GBP / USD: Pound sterling against U.S. DOLLAR
AUD / USD: Australian Dollar against U.S. DOLLAR
USD / CHF: U.S. DOLLAR against Swiss Franc

The simple, currency exchange rate can be defined as the difference between the value of the currency. Thus, exchange rates show a currency of a country if exchanged with the currency of other.

To make it easier to read when the exchange rate, there are two things you must remember that the currency is written The first is the base currency (base currency) and the currency is written both eyes currency benchmark (counter currency). Example USD / JPY means that the base currency = USD and JPY = counter currency.

On which the USD exchange rate as the base currency, if the increase occurred in the exchange rate, and give meaning that terapresiasi USD (Dollar menguat) and currencies such as JPY pembandingnya terdepresiasi (Yen weakened).

In forex transactions, the price of buying and selling price of a currency expressed in kuotasi bid (sell) / offer (buy). Bid price is the level where we can sell the base currency (and on the at the same purchase counter currency), while the offer price is the level where we can buy base currency (at the same time we sell the counter currency). This means purchase a forex akan followed by other foreign exchange sales. Hence it is said in the forex trading there are always sellers and buyers.

For example, the exchange rate of USD / CHF = 1.3154/1.3159 means that we can buy with 1 USD price of CHF 1.3159, or sell with the price of 1 USD CHF 1.3154. So if we buy USD we will automatically sell or CHF Swiss Franc (USD purchase using CHF = accept loss of CHF and USD). Similarly, if we sell the USD, we will automatically accept loss of CHF and USD.

If the exchange rate to be above the table, then there is always the difference between bid and offer rate is the value bid is always lower than the value offer. Difference between bid and offer spread is called. This difference can occurred because the bank or trader (forex trader) akan profit by selling foreign exchange with a higher price than the price when buying. The large spread between bid and offer are indicated by a point or pip. For USD / JPY, 1 pip is number two behind the comma (0.01), while for other foreign exchange rate is 1 pip four number behind the decimal comma (0.0001). As an example of the table in exchange for: EUR / USD: 1.1874/77 spread= 0.0003 (3 pip) USD / JPY: 118.59/63 spread= 0.04 (4 pip).
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Forex Broker

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Where do FOREX trading?
Before the company that provides forex trading services through the Internet, to to be a trader then we must follow a very strict selection. Earnings a trader who became a very big reason why the profession is the dream for many. But now that several companies with broker / dealers to open a forex online services through the Internet, professional trader can now be run by anyone and anywhere. Either companies that provide services to the world this is:

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CH-1006 Lausanne
Switzerland (Switzerland)

In the Marketiva this company will partner you can be independent without a bond trader. You can be trading with their own capital or find investors for the agreement with the results.

Marketiva is a provider of online trading services from Switzerland, Europe. Service service is still relatively new but popular on the Internet quickly. Each member can be directly Trading with the capital to do early enough only $ 1. Even to begin, you will be the free capital of $ 5.

With the opening in Marketiva account, you will get a cash reward of U.S. $ 5 (real money) for free that can be directly used for trading. Once you get enough profit then you can withdraw it to your account, your e-gold. $ 8 fee charged for interesting (Withdraw) from Marketiva accoun to e-gold.

In addition to be $ 5 as the initial capital, you will also get virtual money of U.S. $ 10,000. This virtual money is a means for you to learn trading, because only a spoofery mock-money. This money is used for simulation so that your trading easier understand how to analyze price movements, how to sale and purchase (the transaction), read the chart, and all something associated with foreign exchange trading.

Once you feel confident then you can use $ 5 of money you have get free is to do live trading. As a Marketiva member, you will also get the trading software, the name Streamster TM the free. you can download Streamster TM shortly after you registered as a member. Note: To enable Streamster to be logged in, you are requested send a photo identity and full address (scan KTP / SIM and Accounts electricity / telephone / bank listed in your address). Because Marketiva is a company Legal and Professional, trying to protect you from it - it that are not in want.

It's funny, brokers these days seem to be like buses. You wait ages for a
new one, then two come along at once.
Not that long ago, we reviewed Easy Forex – a new kind of broker that
broke the mould by making it simple and quick to open an account. The fact you
could fund it with a credit card or PayPal was pretty radical.
Well what do you know – another broker is on the scene, also promising
quick sign up. And we're really excited about this one – because they're doing it
better! They're called Marketiva, and we've taken a closer look.

Trade For Free?
We thought that Easy's account opening minimum of $5 was pretty
impressive. Hard to beat, even. However, Marketiva have beaten it.
You can open an account with...absolutely nothing. In fact, when you sign
up for an account, they actually give you $5 credit.
Combined with their 1% margin, you can quite reasonably start live
trading with no money down. We can't think of another broker where that's
If you want to add funds to your account, you can do so by good old wire
transfer, as well as using eGold and eBullion, which is different. Alas, no PayPal
at this time.
Aside from the obvious advantage of being given free money in your new
account, the sign up procedure is really very quick indeed. It takes just a couple
of minutes to get your account up and running, and then you're ready to
download the software.

Gorgeous Platform

Forgive me if I get overexcited here, but the thing is, the trading software
supplied by Marketiva is...gorgeous!.I know that looks aren't everything, but well designed trading software
does make the job easier. Forex brokers (all brokers in fact) aren't exactly known
for producing very user friendly software, which makes this trading station all the
more surprising.

Rates and News: This is the market data area with live streaming quotes.
Marketiva's spreads are average, but nothing special. Between 3 – 5 pips seems
to be normal for most pairs. All of the usual currency pairs are available.
Clicking on the "Latest News" tab brings up a live news feed. You can
choose the type of news you want displayed here, with special features, technical
and fundamental analysis all offered along with the usual forex news.

Charting and Discussion: The charts are lovely and clear, but you can
only have one open at a time. Still, the platform makes it easy to create new
charts and save them along with your favourite indicators etc, and then switch
between them. You can choose time scales from 5 minutes to monthly, and all
the indicators and options we've come to expect are present.
Selecting the "Discussions" tab brings up an integrated Live Chat system
– a great idea – but perhaps a distraction for newbies. Still, being hidden in a tab,
you don't have to watch it. There are a ton of chat rooms available, including
local rooms for most countries. You shouldn't have any problem at all finding
someone to talk to who speaks your language - both literally and in the financial
sense! Technical and account support are also provided through the chat system.
Portfolio / Signals / Alerts: Here you can see your account balances. Hang on, did
I say balances in the plural? I certainly did – because Marketiva gives you a
Virtual $10,000 account to play with alongside your live account.
This is an excellent idea – there's no need to log into a separate demo
system to test out new strategies or paper trade ideas. You can trade live and
demo accounts at the same time!
The Signals tab in this quarter of the screen, is where you can get trading
signals from free and commercial systems. A couple of systems are available
free, and paid for ones can be added as well.
The Alerts tab brings up market news items. Very handy for trading the

Order Management: The final quarter is where you place and manage
orders. Market, Stop and Limit orders are all supported, as are Good Till Date,
Good Till Cancelled, and Immediate orders.
Orders can also be entered by clicking on a live quote. The order ticket
allows you to select whether you want the order to be routed through your Live
account or the Virtual one. Finally the Account Center tab is where you can
deposit and withdraw funds.
The Forex Angels Say: With live and virtual trading in the same platform,
and free money credited to your account when you sign up, Marketiva has got an
outstanding offer. Their brilliantly integrated software makes getting started a
breeze. Everything you need is in one easy to use package. It's smooth, and it
works. We definitely recommend taking a look!

Open your account with marketiva
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5min Forex Trade Strategy

Works on All Time Frames and for all Pairs - Best used on 5Min/15min/ for short term Trades and 30min/1Hr/4hr/daily for Long term Trades

Indicators in use ( Metatrader 4 only ) :

Indicators used :

1. LaGuerre 1 ( for entry ) - Gamma 0.60, levels 0.15, 0.85,0.45 bars to read 9500 color Blue ( File name is Laguerre-ACS1.ex4 )
2. LaGuerre 2 ( for exits ) - Gamma 0.80, levels 0.15, 0.85, 0.45 bars to read 9500, color Red ( File name is Laguerre-ACS1.ex4 )
For the Lags Enable Fixed maximum (~1.05) and fixed minimum (~-0.05) on in the Common tab of the Laguerre indicator
3. Bollinger bands - 20, 0 and close ( default) ( This is very imp indicator as in uptrend the middle Bollinger acts as support and
in downtrend it acts as resistance )
4. EMA 200 ( Red ) and EMA 60 (Blue) to find support and resistance
5. Pivot Points : To Find daily Profit levels and as indication of expected Support / Resistance areas for the day.
6. MACD – Traditional – Setting of 12,20,9 – Crossover confirmation with Lags for entry and exit.
7. StochHistogram - an indicator which shows the overbought/oversold status of the market.. Use default settings of 14,3,3 .
Buy when the price crosses to positive. Sell when the price crosses down to negative. Green histogram means it's in an uptrend. Red
histogram means it's in a downtrend.

These are the only indicators I use and do not intend to add more, want to make it very simple and straight forward
method to use. You can use your favorite indicator to confirm the entry and exits.

download here
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Forex System

Anda sentiasa mendengar tentang cara-cara untuk menjana wang dari rumah dan anda sudah tahu 99% semuanya adalah palsu atau scams.

  • Mahukah anda mengetahui bagaimana untuk buat duit semasa harga menaik dan harga menurun?
  • Adakah anda sudah bosan untuk memerhatikan beratus-ratus kaunter dan ini ingin fokus kepada 2 kaunter sahaja dan seterusnya menjana lebih banyak keuntungan?
  • Mahukah anda mengetahui kaedah untung sedikit-sedikit dan konsisten yang menggunakan modal yang rendah?
  • Adakah anda berminat tetapi ragu-ragu dengan pasaran forex dan ingin mengetahui peluang pelaburan alternatif bagi pasaran forex
  • Barangkali simpanan di ASB, saham amanah anda telah mencukupi dan ingin mencari tempat pelaburan yang baru
  • Adakah anda seorang surirumah / bakal pesara yang ingin menguruskan pelaburan anda sendiri?
Satu jawapan kepada semua soalan-soalan ini adalah FOREX !.

FOREX adalah singkatan bagi perkataan FOREIGN EXCHANGE. FOREX adalah pasaran pertukaran asing. Ia melibatkan berjual beli mata wang - mata wang diantara negara. Rakyat daripada seluruh boleh mendagangkan tukaran mata wang asing ini melalui broker yang sedia ada. Forex adalah perniagaan baik untuk anda ceburi kerana ianya sangat senang untuk di pelajari. Anda boleh menjana banyak duit dalam Forex hanya daripada rumah anda dan boleh dilakukan sepenuh masa ataupun secara sambilan. Ia adalah sangat mudah, anda tidak perlu menggunakan banyak duit untuk memulakan perniagaan ini. Terdapat broker yang menyediakan wang permulaan untuk anda terus melabur.
Pertukaran Asing (TUKARAN MATA WANG ASING) adalah gelanggang di mana satu mata wang negara yang ditukar kepada satu mata wang negara lain. Pasaran pertukaran asing adalah pasaran kewangan terbesar di dunia, dengan persamaan lebih $1.9 trilion didagangkan seharian; lebih daripada tiga kali amaun agregat US Equity dan pasaran-pasaran Treasury bergabung. Berbeza dengan pasaran-pasaran kewangan yang lain, pasaran Forex tidak mempunyai lokasi fizikal dan pusat petukaran. Ia beroperasi menerusi satu rangkaian sejagat diantara bank-bank, syarikat-syarikat dan individu berdagang satu mata wang negara asing dengan satu lagi. Pasaran forex ini adalah 24 jam dan bermula dari hari isnin(4 pagi) hingga sabtu(4 pagi).
Secara tradisi, salah satu cara untuk pelabur-pelabur dahulu untuk melibatkan diri dalam pasaran pertukaran asing adalah melalui bank-bank yang berurus niaga secara besar-besaran untuk menukar matawang. Jumlah perdagangan telah bertambah dengan pesat sepanjang masa, terutama selepas pertukaran kadar-kadar yang dibiarkan mengalir secara bebas pada tahun 1971. Hari ini, pengimport-pengimport dan pengeksport-pengeksport, pengurus-pengurus portfolio antarabangsa, perbadanan multinasional, spekulator, peniaga-peniaga hari, pemegang-pemegang jangka panjang dan perlindungan wang kesemua menggunakan pasaran FOREX untuk menanggung kos barangan dan perkhidmatan-perkhidmatan, dalam menjalankan aset-aset kewangan atau untuk mengurangkan risiko pergerakan matawang dengan perlindungan nilai pendedahan mereka dalam pasaran-pasaran lain.
Berapakah anda boleh perolehi daripada perniagaan FOREX ini?
Begantung kepada anda?. Potensi pendapatan adalah tidak terbatas dalam tukaran mata wang asing (FOREX). Anda boleh menjana wang cepat dan dengan mudah dalam tukaran mata wang asing ini .

Tetapi !!

bila anda mengikuti kursus latihan untuk belajar forex kemungkinan anda akan menggunakan sejumlah wang untuk membayar yuran kursus . Ini banyak melemahkan semangat rakyat kita untuk menceburi bidang ini. Tiada yang percuma dalam dunia ini.
Untuk mengatasi masalah ini kami telah bersedia berkongsi dengan anda tentang pengalaman dalam bidang forex ini. Namun, tidak semua yang percuma! Anda perlu berusaha untuk mengejar impian

Apa yang ingin kami kongsikan adalah:
1. Bagaimana untuk bermula dengan forex.?
2. Cara untuk baca chart dan indicator
3. Strategi yang berkesan

Semua dalam ebook percuma,,,,..............

Hubungi kami di :
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Forex Video










一 种趋势,只不过是一个价格趋势,保持在一个方向或其他移动。当然,往往有可能是一个小下降随后上升,或快速反之亦然。这不是一个趋势,但只是一 个小的波动,这些都是很常见的。所以,你不能只是一个基础价格运动的贸易秩序。你需要知道的价格将继续上升或下降时间足够让你支付的传播和为利润的做法。












您帐户上的保证金要求是1%,因此,你只给美元136.44你自己的钱,使这个行业。 (但要知道,大部分经纪人需要的行业,留在周末开放的高利润,所以如果你不打算关闭在同一个星期,您可能需要两次在您的帐户以支付这个行业。)








在基础货币,那里的价格表示的4位小数,1点= 0.0001 x每手股数/收盘价。

因此,在我们的例子中,1点= 0.0001 x 10,000 / 1.3694 =0.7302欧元。

你的利润是48点48 × 0.7302 =35.05欧元。




在 外汇市场在这方面的优势是其极高的流动性意味着您通常可以设置止损,以防止这种情况发生。简单来说,这是因为股票找到买家之前,他们有任何的货 币价值的,但货币已经钱。更重要的是,有一个比任何国家证券交易所的外汇市场更大的营业额。货币对美元的价值数以万亿易手外汇市场上每天。因此,更容易找 到一个买主货币下跌比为股票下跌。




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